Any references for preparation of the Streamsets White belt Exam

  • 3 March 2023
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Can I get any references for the preparation for Streamsets white belt exam other than the Streamsets Academy content…?

4 replies

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The streamsets academy content is sufficient to pass the whitebelt exam.

Just refer the document thoroughly and i hope it will help you pass the exam. 

Yes! For starters, you can try the White Belt Practice Exam, located here:

You can take this practice exam as many times as you need to.

Reviewing the StreamSets documentation will also help a lot:

Mostly, the WB Exam comes from both the DataOps Fundamentals course, and the Support & Troubleshooting course:

DataOps Fundamentals:

Support & Troubleshooting:

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Hi @Madhumitha 


StreamSets Academy also supplies a Certification Learning Path that outlines exactly what is on the test and we also give a practice exam so you can gauge your skills 


Hope that helps!



gothrough the streamsets academy data ops platform video by line by line take notes of the content and also learn troubleshooting and support .