Getting error while importing pipeline and cant able to import connections.

  • 9 August 2023
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I am trying to import the pipelines in another user account but, i am facing the below issue.

  • Cannot import pipeline D_AmazonSQS_Origin_JDBC_Dest_Pipeline_CredStr, pipeline with the same commit Id 6f1628b3-d3b4-4d49-9a77-d80fce22717b:13f66132-5e7d-11ed-b52a-23b2c9b2adfb already exists. : PIPELINE_STORE_30

I don’t have any pipelines in that user account where I am trying to import.

Also, I have created separate predefined connections which is used inside those pipelines. When I am trying to export, it got downloaded with only name and type in connections metadata.json file which is inside But credentials details are not there in the json connection file. And also, I cant able to import those connections.json file. Do you know how to import the connections?

Can you help me what could be the issue?



Malathi S

1 reply



FYI. I found the issue for the above pipeline error. Since, I am trying to import the pipelines in the same organization so, it throws same pipeline commit id error. I think pipeline and connection name must be unique across organization in StreamSets.


And also, there is no direct import option for connections. So, I have imported the connections using python SDK.