java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: File not found: '/resources/transformer/db_token'

  • 14 December 2022
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HI Team,

Trying a sample Transformer pipeline - “Scala User-Defined Function”. And after creation I found this error with pipeline not with component whichever its used.

CREATION_005 - Could not resolve implicit EL expression '${runtime:loadResource('db_token', false)}': com.streamsets.pipeline.api.el.ELEvalException: CTRCMN_0100 - Error evaluating expression ${runtime:loadResource('db_token', false)}: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: File not found: '/resources/transformer/db_token'
I just open the sample pipeline, didn't do anything with it. 
Does any one have idea regarding this?

1 reply


That’s a issue we’re aware of. To work around it, go to the Cluster tab in the pipeline configuration, and set Cluster Manager Type to Databricks; that way you’ll be able to see the field that is causing the error. You can clear it and set the Cluster Manager Type back to None.

If you’re using the latest version (5.2.0) of the Transformer engine, you may find another issue when using the pipeline parameter for the output directory. To avoid that error, write the output directory directly in the Directory Path of the destination stage, instead of using the output_directory pipeline parameter.