Missing Fragment used in Academy Course for CDC from Mysql to Snowflake

Hi All,

i am looking for Fragment which has been used in Academy Course for CDC Pipeline Demo, they have mentioned they will share with us. But i cant find it anywhere. 

Can someone help me to share that fragment.




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Thanks for this John, we check and let you know.

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Hi Rohit

This module was only a video without a lab so there were no files provided.

However, I did find the MySQLBinLogtoSnowflakePrep fragment JSON that you can use to import into your pipeline.​​​ 


I’ve attached the JSON file here.  

Hope this helps!





HI John,

In building Snowflake pipeline for CDC, there is one Fragment has been used. I am looking for that Fragment.


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Hi Rohit,

Are you referring to the fragment lab in “DataOps Platform Fundamentals”?


If so, we provide the download of the complex pipeline that is used in the “Create a New Fragment” lab


Does the download not work for you? ​​​​​​​


Please let us know if this is the correct course/module and if you can download.