• 3 October 2023
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In STF 3.x we have used "sch_authoring_sdc.get_history(pipeline)"  to get all the information, for 4.x do we have anything like that for accessing the history? as get_history is not working with STF 4.x?

2 replies

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Hi @shivraj ,

I saw a method called get_pipeline_history on latest 3.x release of SDK/STF (and not exactly get_history).


In any case, the way it works with SDK/STF 4.x is like following:

  1. ControlHub object gives you SDC object which is of type streamsets.sdk.sch_models.DataCollector
  2. This object internally wraps up an object streamsets.sdk.sdc.DataCollector
  3. And what you are doing in 3.x code, is actually calling a method of this streamsets.sdk.sdc.DataCollector

So in essence, if you were doing this in SDK/STF 4.x, the following is the way:

sch_sdc = sch.data_collectors[0]

sdc = sch_sdc._instance


Hope it helps.



Hi @Kirti 

We tried as you said but getting this error which is, the function is getting pipeline id from pipeline we passed as argument.

then when we replaced "" with "pipeline.pipeline_id" then it's throwing this error ""streamsets.sdk.exceptions.InternalServerError: CONTAINER_0200 - Pipeline '214ac2d7-4771-43a2-9cc6-d1996dc86e63:e4cbaa88-611a-11ed-b310-c96332d26f9a' does not exist"" although the pipeline is reflecting in the UI.

I believe we are doing some silly mistake but we are not sure what needs to be done.

please help us out with this.