Stream set upgrade issues with 3.19 version

  • 28 July 2023
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Hi Team,


We are trying to upgrade the stream set upgrade from 3.16.x to 3.19.X version using the docker container. Queues are not coming up.

After doing the analysis, we got to know activation code concept is introduced.


Now what is the procedure for getting the activation code using sdc id incase if we don’t have the admin access.



3 replies

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@unifyStreamSet you don’t need an activation code if the SDC is registered with the ControlHub or else please follow the instructions here

Hi @Sanjeev : Thanks for the reply

After upgrade docker container is coming but not the queues. 
We are using free version meaning our account is not an enterprise account.

  1. So should we register the SDC with control hub?
  2. Are we having any other way to rectify the issue without registering with control hub?

Thanks in advance.

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@unifyStreamSet I believe the path forward is to convert to an enterprise account. The free version anyway ends at 3.22.x where the latest version is 5.6.x. On a related note, the datacollector was close-sourced starting with 4.x.