Streamset whitebelt certification

  • 12 November 2022
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Im planning to take up exams for Streamset whitebelt certification in the coming days.


Is there any inputs that anyone can provide around how to attempt for the same?

3 replies

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hi @mr_manii 


Please have a look here:


You can see list of topics for each certification level and also see a sample of 15 questions that gives you an idea about the format and level of questions.


For white belt you will have 30 multiple choice questions to answer in 1 hour. 23 correct answer to clear the exam.


Thanks Saleem,


Is there any recommendation around preparation?

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  • Go through your training material
  • The videos on for the course
  • Practice some labs again
  • Have a look at the documentation and familiarise yourself with the popular origins, destinations and processors