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  • 28 September 2022
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When I am in the Strigo Lab simulator environment, it has 2 simultaneous sessions running currently (a Windows desktop and a “Streamset Cluster” [Ubuntu shell]). 

When I am doing Setup a Deployment part of the training, it requires me to copy and paste the into the Ubuntu shell a docker run command to Setup the Environment.  This docker command is quite long (several rows) as it includes the Deployment ID and Tokens.  However I can not copy paste from the Strigo Windows environment into the Ubuntu shell as it is two separate environments. 

The only way would be to MANUALLY type each and every character which would not work if I did a single typo.  Is there any work around?


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If you click the Copy button in StreamSets, that copies the install script to your clipboard.

When you go into the Academy Lab / Strigo environment, just type the word “sudo” and hit the space bar.  Then you can paste the text by using the command “Ctrl-Shift-V”.  That should paste your script.  Hit “enter” and you should be all set.


Hope that helps!



Thank you John.Durkin for your prompt reply.  Unfortunately when I paste from the clipboard it only can copy from my desktop pc not from the hosted Strigo Lab windows environment.  I can see that it copied inside the Strigo Lab windows environment as it can paste it into a notepad that I open up on the Strigo Windows desktop.  I would greatly appreciate it any further help you can provide?

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Hi, the course is designed for you to access the DataOps Platform outside of Strigo.


Use a separate browser outside of Strigo. (Completely separate and not the Windows instance in Strigo)


 Access your DataOps Platform and get the install script.  Then go to the Strigo Ubuntu instance and do the sudo ctrl-shift-v and hit enter.


Hope that helps,




Thank you so much John.Durkin!!!!! Works perfectly!!!😀 I am so happy!!!

I also found that there is a Clipboard icon in the Strigo window area that allows you to copy and see what is in the clipboard (see below):