Transformer Engine does not start Automatically

Hi All

I have a trial account of Stream sets cloud.

I am going through the streamsets-platform-fundamentals course.

So i am currently trying to get hands-on , on the transformer engine.

The Transformer Deployment and engines were installed and running yesterday, i also built 2 pipelines there. then i shut down my lab environment provided by StreamSets.

When i login today and start the above lab environment, all the data collector engines start automatically, but the Transformer Engine does not start automatically.

There is no option to start the transformer engine either. As you can see from the below screenshot.



If i select the Restart Engine or Shut Down Engine i get the below error

Engine cannot be reached. Verify that the engine is running.


Because of this now i am not able to proceed further with the course, can someone help me on how to start the transformer engine after restarting my Lab Environment ?


Best answer by Russ Webb 2 July 2024, 14:02

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Hi Surajp,


If you enter your strigo environment and type:

sudo docker ps -a

you will see your transformer docker container probably says ‘Exited’. Make a note of the first 3 chars of the container id for your transformer engine and type:

sudo docker restart first-3-chars-of-containerid



Thank you russ, it worked