Automation using Ansible with the latest version of our Control Hub (Control plane)

  • 16 February 2022
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Hey, everyone. We are very excited to share new automation support for self-managed engine installation using Ansible with our DataOps platform!

Why does this project exist?

We know there are some folks who love Ansible or other configuration management tools to  automate installation of Streamsets Engines to allow seamless integration with our products. The DataOps Platform helps you to manage all your engines using Environments and Deployments and we want to make it easier for folks to leverage these concepts and automate their workloads.

What are the Benefits?

DataOps platform’s easy-to-use REST API has been updated and now makes it effortless to integrate with your favorite automation tools. This feature is live on We've made it possible to create Deployments and start Data Collector and Transformer engines from those Deployments all using an Ansible playbook.

How can I get it?

To give it a try, clone our sample Ansible playbook on Github, then follow the README to set up your environment variables and run the playbook. You'll need a StreamSets account and an Ansible installation.

Ansible is a modern configuration management tool that doesn’t require the use of an agent software on remote nodes, relying on ssh and python. Download it for free.


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