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  • 29 July 2022
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If I use a Jython script inside Data Collector to create a simple function which returns a “Last business day” of the previous month, is there anyway for me to then pass that result into a parameter that can be called by other nodes further down the pipeline? 




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Hi @collid, you meant stages further down the pipeline? Also, do you want the function to be called for each record and “Last business day” to be returned for the same? Would like to better understand the requirement.

Hi @Pradeep ,


correct, so let’s say I'm trying to do an orchestration pipeline with SDC. 

I start with a Jython evaluator origin, to use a datetime function to collect LWD from previous month. This gets added as a record as 1 record to flow through the pipeline. 

The next stage, would then be a Start Jobs processor, to kick off a Transformer pipeline. 

Then, the pipeline ends.

Is it possible, that the value I create inside the Jython script, can become a parameter, which can be passed to the “start Jobs” node, so that the runtime parameters inside the start jobs node, can be updated with a new business date, before the batch pipeline runs?


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@collid Yes. You can pass record values to Start Jobs > Jobs > Runtime Parameters. For example, In below pipeline I am passing job(c365f021-fbae-4c6c-bcb9-c89073aea761:dpmsupport) parameter abc value as record value run_param. run_param is a record field added in Expression Evaluator stage.