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  • 4 November 2021
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I tried to extract and transform data from an CSV file and to obtain as an output a JSON object. I used the JSON generator and in the preview area things looked good. I will attach here the output.

Output from DC

I tried to sent this object to a REST API but when I looked into the logs, I realized that the format of the input was not the same as I expected. Some backslashes are added before every field and every value.

Input from logs

Could you please help me with some ideas or maybe a solution to my problem?


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Are you sure you need a JSON Generator at all? You can consult the docs for details, but unless you need to turn a specific field within a record into JSON, you may be fine simply connecting your origin directly to the HTTP Client destination and setting the Data Format in the latter to JSON.

Thank you, @dima !

I tried to connect the pipeline directly to the HTTP Client destination and everything works fine!