How to convert JSON data to CSV by using SDC pipeline?

  • 10 January 2022
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  • This document provides instructions to convert JSON data to CSV by using the SDC pipeline.


JSON to CSV converter pipeline looks as below way:

Directory Origin:

  • This stage reads the employee JSON file from the input directory and provides the output as an array of JSON.
  • The output of this stage looks as below way:

Field Pivoter:

  • This stage converts the array of JSON to individual records.
  • Here is the output of the stage:

Field Order:

  • This stage converts the record root field 'MAP' to List-Map. So, that it is compatible with CSV records.
  • If this stage is not used then you will see the below error message in destination:
DELIMITED_GENERATOR_00 - Record 'employee.json::0_1' root field should be List or List-Map instead of 'MAP'

LocalFs Destination:

  • This stage places the data as CSV in the destination location.

Input JSON file:


Output CSV file:


2 replies

How to do vice-versa operation CSV to JSON data transformation via streamsets? any one can help on this?

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@Sankar Arunachalam 


Kindly try json generator and it will convert csv data to  json format.