Subscriptions created for create incident for failed job in ServiceNow has not triggered.

I have created subscription as suggested in related topic but that subscription is not triggered.  

I am able to create incident at pipeline level when pipeline fails, using the notification tab by giving webhook details for incident table.

Also, I want some information about job failure in incident table for e.g. Short description like job_name is ‘abc’ failed and their error details. Is this possible using subscription? If yes then please help me on the same.

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related topic I followed is How to integrate SCH subscriptions with ServiceNow | StreamSets Community


Hi, @akshayp2. Have you enabled subscriptions for the organisation?


Yes this is enabled.

Are you setting up SCH subscriptions? And is there any error?

Yes I have created subscription. 

and no error is showing.



I’d try a simpler condition, or maybe contact support