• 15 December 2021
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Hi everyone, 


As of December 8th 2021 we have sunset You may have some questions and this post is to help answer. 


Why did we close down 

As we continue to grow our community the website did not meet our level of support we wanted to provide to the community.


What content was migrated over? 

The top 30 relevant topics were migrated over. Most questions you may have that once was found at can be found in our up to date docs.

Also, at this same time we have un-gated and made free over 400 knowledge base articles from our support portal. 


Do I maintain my status and points once had on

Sorry, no. We wish the systems allowed this function. Going forward, Please check out our leaderboard and 


Where do I post my questions going forward? 

Post your questions and start a conversations here at StreamSets teams and community members are ready to help you on your journey.


If you would like to leave feedback, please do so here

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