Community Member Feedback: Survey Follow Up: Q4 2021

  • 9 February 2022
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 Hi Everyone, 


Thank you to those who completed the survey. This has been really helpful to understand what we are doing an awesome job on and where we can improve. We wanted to share the responses and pulse of the community today, which you’ll find in the representative responses below.  


We will be conducting these surveys on a quarterly basis throughout the year. You can find them on the right side of each community page labeled as “Feedback”.






Short Answer Question #1: 


Thank you for your honest feedback. How can we make the community more helpful for you?




  • With more documentation of how we implement for streaming and transformer

  • Not able to open

    • As ofDec 8, has been sunset. Going forward is the go-to community forum and knowledge base managed and hosted by StreamSets. We have migrated the top to our new platform and ungated our support knowledge base articles. Currently we are putting lots of attention on answering questions on the new community platform;  anything re-asked will definitely get answered swiftly by our internal engineers and technical resources. For more info, read here.

  • The responses are slow. Can that be a little faster?

    • Yes! This is our main goal. We are currently tracking our response time and currently ramping our internal engineers and technical resources to connect and assist with users at a faster pace. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  -African Proverb

  • Do videos on each and every topic. If you’re doing a video on a particular topic please mention the prerequisites for that pipeline. Please maintain clarity while doing videos like what are the components using, the importance of the components, etc..

    • This is a great idea and suggestion. Thank you! We are currently  onboarding a new Developer Advocate, so expect a lot more video content in the future!

  • More pipeline samples, please.

    • You got it! We have created a “Share your Pipelines” contest. 2 Community members will each earn a $250 Amazon Gift card by submitting the most impressive or creative Pipelines. Please share your pipeline for a chance to win! 


Short Answer Question #2: 


Is there anything we could do better relating to the community platform/StreamSets Community as a whole?



  • Dedicated and branded community forum built and maintained by Streamsets but run by the community. Do not underestimate the forum boards.

    • Previously was the wild west of our “community forum”. With our new platform, StreamSets maintains and manages this forum and knowledgebase. What we loved about Ask StreamSets was how the community was able to discuss and help each other, and we absolutely want to keep that spirit in our new community platform. We are building the community platform to improve upon this by combining articles, organization, and events to improve the health and happiness of the community alongside our forums. We cannot do this without you, so please continue to support each other here, just as you did on the old site.

  • Videos on real-time scenarios

    • Great suggestion. Thank you! Please stay tuned as we onboard our new next Developer Advocate. Many new programs and exciting content to come. 

  • An option to change or update the email address that was used to sign-in to the StreamSets community.

    • Currently the platform does not allow you, the members, to change this on your own. Our platform team is looking to enable this functionality. I know this is frustrating. To work around this, please email to change your email or assist with any other profile questions/needs.  

  • More interactive

    • This is one of our biggest priorities for 2022. In the last three months, we have gained the majority of our members. We hope with the “Share your Pipeline” contest users will be able to explore a wider variety of interaction and insights. Our goal for this community is to encourage learning and sharing knowledge through tips & tricks, content, and helping others through the forum. If you have any suggestions for events, content, or any other ways to make this site more interactive, please send me an email at


Thank you all again for being part of this community. There will be more survey feedback follow ups through out the year.If you have any feedback in the meantime don't hesitate to share via the feedback pop out or with me,

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